Updates and musings from my recent photographic adventures.

city edge cafe + bar, canberra

It was great to be able to work with Sal, Sav and the team at City Edge Cafe & Bar, a bustling space at 50 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra. I sat down with them the week before the shoot, and discussed their online marketing requirements, and how I could best meet their expectations with a high-quality final product.

Turns out, it's quite difficult shooting photos in this cafe for a number of reasons:  one whole wall of floor to ceiling glass was a constant challenge in preventing highlights from blowing out, and the many customers became obstacles to try and avoid! I started out capturing the barista during the busy coffee 'rush hour' from 8:30am, and took some longer exposure photos of the bustling crowd. From there, I set up my gear in a small corner, and captured dishes as they came out of the kitchen.

Another major challenge was the affable Italian hospitality; it was very hard to say no to the constant offer of food and coffee whilst I was taking photos, and I walked out of there a couple of kilos heavier!


city edge13.jpg
city edge37.jpg
city edge26.jpg