about me

A Sydney-based photographer specialising in architectural, landscape and aerial photography and videography. Checkout my latest portfolio, and learn about the photographic services on offer.

I am a Sydney based photographer, with a passion for landscape, aerial and architectural photography.

I have experience working in Australia and Asia, and provide the following complete marketing solutions for businesses:

  • location and studio photography and videography;
  • aerial photography and videography;
  • original music and brand sounds though Pulse & Thrum;
  • building and maintaining your web presence;
  • creating cost-effective web ad campaigns to drive sales;
  • activating and maintaining your social media presence. 

You will either find me behind the lens or a keyboard; although I hold two degrees in music composition, there are a lot of similarities between music and photography. At the most fundamental level, light and sound waves behave similarly; practically speaking, both art forms play with light and shade, patterns and colours.

You can contact me here.

 photo by peter hislop

photo by peter hislop